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Zombie Survival Manual – Part IV (Weapons!)

SMLE in tactical blackThe zombie menace appears to be growing, established authority appears to be on the verge of collapse. You’ll need some weapons to counter the zombie hordes growing around you.

What weapons will you need?

We’ve given this alot of thought, and we’ll try to give you an overview of the sorts of things you should be shopping for. Frankly you should have thought of this well before the undead started knocking at your door, but now that you’ve come around here are a few suggestions.

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Zombie Survival Manual – Part III (On the run)

Armored vehicle anyone?You’ve decided to make a break for it (or you’ve been forced to leave your fortified shelter due to a breach or lack of supplies). You’re going to brave the zombie badlands, and seek some refuge in the relative wilderness.

What do you need?

Glad you asked, this section tries to prepare you for life on the run from the zombie hordes, as you give up the relative safety of permanent shelter, and flit from one temporary strongpoint to another.

It isn’t going to be easy, good luck!

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Zombie Survival Manual – Part II (Bunkering)

Now this is a bunker!You’ve decided to sit tight and wait out this “biblical” event. Good, now there are a few things you need to get on RIGHT NOW! before the undead hordes come knocking at your door (or if they’re already knocking, before they get some friends with them).

What do you need?

That’s what this section is for. Providing you with some basic information on the gathering of supplies, stock piling of food and water and equiping yourself with some weapons (either advanced or very, VERY basic). You don’t have alot of time, we recommend you read fast and ransack even quicker.

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Zombie Survival Manual – Part I (Break-out or bunker?)

riot police!The dead are walking the streets, the news has nothing of substance to offer and the authorities seem unable to get the situation under control. Rioting, looting, murder and mayhem appear to be the order of the day. You don’t want to stay put, but trying to get out of this mess ain’t gonna be easy either.

What do you do?

Well, you’re going to adapt, or you’re going to join the ranks of the living dead. This section is designed to give you a basic overview of a zombie outbreak, and allow you to make a more informed decision as to what your chances for survival are, whether you stay put or try to run.

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