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Nazi Zombies… it’s complicated

A prank? Or a warning cut off at the last moment?

“..AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin drivers making their morning commute were in for a surprise when two road signs on a busy stretch of road were taken over by hackers. The signs near the intersection of Lamar and Martin Luther King boulevards usually warn drivers about upcoming construction, but Monday morning they warned of “zombies ahead.”..
Source:Austin News KXAN

Only time will tell. I hope Piet is ok.

Dilbert Zombies?

Dilbert comic

[Thanks to Carbonman for the morning chuckle!]

Friday Motivational Poster: Occupation

Zombie Movie motivational posters can now be found here.

Eat your brains…

Spot the zombie movies (you can cheat, they’re credited at the end of the clip).

Here’s another I prefer, just a wee bit.

The song appears to have been done by Jonathan Coulton, and there are more than a few videos on youtube making use of it.

[Thanks Thomas!]

Friday Motivational Poster: Science

Zombie Movie motivational posters can now be found here.

Apologies for the delay…

For those that are planning to take part in the most recent Zombie Postal Match (and I have to be honest here, one participant has burned some significant bandwidth sending in several entries) I’ll be posting more shortly.

I appreciate your patience, and for those that haven’t sent anything in, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

Friday Motivational Poster: Interloper

Zombie Movie motivational posters can now be found here.

The Zombie World News for international zombie information and events.

Articles and features include the top ten myths and misunderstandings about the undead and medical advances in zombie suppression.

Why not?

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