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Triumph Bonneville – Horn Replacement

Well, I’d owned the Bonnie for an entire day before a Gas Company truck tried to change lanes through me. I did the usual frenetic combination of “I don’t want to die” things and even hit the horn to warn the driver (last item on the list) – the weak “Neep neep” that resulted, however effective, made me wince.

One of the first “upgrades” I did to the CBR250R was the horn, and for $15 it’s hard to get more bang for your buck.

So it was only natural the the first thing I changed on the Bonnie was replacing the stock horn with the Fiamm Freeway Blaster (although this time I just went down to Canadian Tire and bought one rather than waiting for the mail).

FIAMM Freeway Blaster Horn

I don’t buy that it is substantially louder than the stock horn, but the note is lower giving it a bit less of that “neep neep”, and while it’s a little bulkier than the stock version I think it’ll do. It is a “drop in” replacement, and does not require a relay or other upgrades.

Photos of the install after the cut.
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The new motorcycle – ’10 Triumph Bonneville

So that time has come.

Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

The CBR rode off into the sunset, and I’ll admit that a tear did roll down my cheek. I’m sorry to see that bike go.

A quick clip of the bike running, added for Piet.