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Symba has left the building…

Well, that went faster than I expected. I posted an ad selling the Symba two weeks ago on Kijiji. A few casual inquiries and then suddenly this weekend saw a host of emails about it.

Sunday morning one party came by, made a good offer and we shook hands on it. Then they rushed about getting it inspected and so forth, leaving with it that afternoon (busy day for them driving hither and yon).

the old and the new

So, at around 3:00pm yesterday the Symba left on a truck, bound for a new home and hopefully a rider who will appreciate her. Let’s hope the Honda doesn’t get lonely in the garage.

Panniers for Symba

So finally got around to installing the ‘generic’ panniers for the Symba. Nice to have some secure storage on the bike.

sym symba panniers

Have not yet had a chance to properly abuse test them, but early impressions are favorable.

symba panniers

Ironically the ‘winter’projects have kept me from riding through this mostly mild winter. I’m going to finish some basic wiring and then put it all back together.

Honda Cub – Greatest Motorcycle Ever

So says the Discovery Channel anyway. (I did think dropping one off a roof was a bit much, it’s not a Glock after all).

Symba passes 1k

So, trying to sort out the stalling/sputtering nonsense (it appears Dad was right it may have just been a gas issue) and we rolled past 1000km, 700 of which are mine.

One thousand KMs on the Symba

Time flies, eh?

Finally on two wheels…

Ok, on Monday I traded my M1 for an M2 (Graduated Motorcycle Licence) having waited the requisite 60 days after receiving my M1 (I don’t get it, but I don’t make the rules), having completed the Canada Safety Councils “Gearing up” course last month.

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Sym Symba (a copy of the venerable Honda Cub), and finally spent a few hours zipping around the neighborhood this morning.

I have ZERO experience riding (other than the course) and am feeling my way around on this. The Symba, aside from giving me a little more experience riding, should give us more flexibility when it comes to our one car household (meaning I can take the Symba to work, instead of leaving Lisa without a car), and the fuel economy cannot be beat.

I still stare longingly at sport bikes as they zip past, but I’ll be learning my way around the Symba for a bit yet, and I’ll admit I’m groovin on this little bike!