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Random Motorcycle Fail….

Went out to move the bikes around in the garage so neighbor can store his bike in our garage for the storm. Noticed when I turned the key on the CBR250R one notch too far that it didn’t produce that characteristic “whine”, and then clued in that the instrument cluster was dark.


Multimeter in hand checked the battery and sure’nuff it was showing 5.6 volts – a little low to run the bike. Ok, one issue at a time. Hook the bike up to the battery tender and get it charged back up.

Battery measures 13v fully charged, so that suggests the problem is elsewhere. Will climb all over the bike in a few days based on advice from the helpful folks at the CBR250 forum, and will try to isolate the issue.

Just had to go for a ride…

Yesterday was still fairly cold, but with the sun out I had no choice but to get the CBR out of the garage and take it for a zip around town for an hour or so.

Me and the Weebeearr

Jilly snapped a photo of me grinning like an idiot when I got home, it’s kinda hard to tell with the helmet on.

That’s a wrap?

My bike was brand spanking new when I got her, so about 4698 of those kilometers are mine. It’s been an education, a blast and has had more than a few moments of teeth grinding terror but I couldn’t have picked a better bike than the CBR250R.

I’ve gone fast, leaned lots (not as far as I thought I was as it turns out), played with the clutch more than a bit and generally learned my way around this bike as best I could.

4700km on the clock

I’ll still get some road time in as weather permits (the CBR250R is our second car after all), but just in case we get an actual winter this year the tank is full, stabilizers been added and the bike is ready to sit for longer than she’s accustomed to.

Stalling on a cold start

So, there’s been a recurring minor issue with the CBR250R. On a cold start the bike will often sputter a bit then die, occasionally with a mechanical clang. It was an occasional issue at first, then it started increasing in frequency until now where it is practically a regular event. It is something I’m not happy with in a brand new Motorcycle with 3200km on the clock.

Took the bike in for service today, and am hoping that the Honda dealer can do that voodoo, that they do so well. There are a few threads on this at the CBR250R forums with some speculation as to what the problem is, but no solid answers.

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Bike Mods – USB Outlet

On the longer rides battery consumption of my portable electronics becomes an issue. Phone, GPS, MP3 player and Bluetooth Helmet (at the moment three of those items are actually one in the same) all run down all too quickly.

I had originally planned to install a marine grade 12VDC accessory outlet somewhere, but dangling cables and plugs shaking free sounds like a really bad idea on a bike. A solution from Princess Auto presented itself in the form of a Weatherproof USB outlet (for $6.99 no less).

Weatherproof USB Outlet from Princess Auto

After some pondering I finally decided that I’d locate the plug in the trunk, and if I did need to charge my phone I could just lock it in the trunk (as it spits everything to the bluetooth in the helmet anyway), and if I run a gps I can snake a cable up along the gas tank with few issues.

For installation I had planned to tap the battery, switching the power using a relay wired to the marker light. A bad relay forced me to cheat, running the USB outlet off the marker light circuit (a draw of 5VDC 450mA shouldn’t cause any issues, and I can cannibalize the wiring when I get a replacement relay).

So for now, it seems to work just fine, and I can stop checking the status of my phone battery so often.

Bike Mods – Exhaust

I am generally a function over form sorta fella. In the case of the CBR250, however, I have hated the appearance of the stock exhaust since day one. I am not sure what it is about it, but it just looks wrong to me. Now, this was not a priority change as it was purely asthetic in nature – I didn’t want the bike to “roar” scaring old ladies and children as I race by, I just wanted something that didn’t look like it came off a flying saucer.

Yesterday I picked up a Hindle 14″ Supersport exhaust from the dealer and raced home (on only a few hours sleep naturally) to install it.

Honda CBR250R with Hindle 14 inch supersport exhaust

I think it looks amazing, unfortunately it sounds AMAZING as well. At idle, it registers 91db on the app on my phone (the stock exhaust registers 79db), a short 15 minute whip around this side of town had me enjoying the nuance of the exhaust, but my ears were ringing from the racket.

Sadly, as much as I like the appearance of this I have already emailed the dealer asking for an exhange on Hindles “Stealth” 16″ model with an insert.

I put the stock exhaust back on this morning. If it takes away from my riding pleasure I don’t care how good it looks, it’s gotta go.

A quick jaunt…

Enjoyed yesterdays AMAZING weather by randomly riding East and seeing where random direction changes took me. As it turned out I drove right by my range (by accident) and it occured to me that I should have thrown a few handguns in a backpack and made it a proper outing.

Next time.

CBR at rest

The weather is a little warmer today, but still nice. If I finish my chores soon enough then I’ll likely head out for some more exploring shortly.

Bike Mods – FIAMM “Freeway Blaster” Horn

This is a “drop-in” replacement for the stock horn (assuming you’re not using the combined low tone / high tone array which will likely require the use of a relay) and it took longer to remove the fairing than it did to install the new horn.

FIAMM Freeway Blaster Horn

For $10 the FIAMM “Freeway Blaster” Horn is the best bang for its buck I’ve seen so far. The stock horn is a typical road runner style “meep-meep”, and I wasn’t particularly happy with it the few times I’ve had to use it.

This is a much more solid sounding horn. While it’s does seem so much louder as much as it has a lot more “oomph”.

I am looking forward to cranking away on this tomorrow, when it won’t annoy my neighbors nearly so much.

Bike Mods – Yoshimura Frame Sliders

One bike modification I’d seen that seemed prudent to me was “chasis protectors” or “frame sliders”. Designed to protect the fairings if the bike falls over (moving or stationary), there is a HUGE variety of these things out there;

Not sure what makes one that different from the other, but I read every review I could find of the things and excluded a few simply because of customer service issues others had experienced.

Yoshimura frame sliders

In the end I went with Yoshimura Chasis Protectors, despite the extra cost, because the placement seemed most practical, and the reviews were favourable.

Installation took about an hour (most of that being the removal and replacement of the fairings), and the directions were precise, in English and included all the parts needed.

So far so good.