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and still more gauge goodness….

So the new gauge faces are on, the protective film has been removed and no catastrophic issues noted. The tiny little screws have been loctite’d in place.

yet more gauge goodness

The needles were left white, with the tips painted a bright red, then clear-coated. The end results seem fine, and contrast with the gray faces nicely.

yet more gauge goodness

The last stage of reassembly involves crimping the chrome ring back along the outer edge of the gauges. This will likely be a bit of a pain, but should go quickly.

It does seem like a lot of work, but I’m more than a little pleased with the outcome.

and more Gauge goodness…

Ok, gauges are now apart, new gauge faces are installed and some time spent sanding the exterior of the cans (some rust, scratches and scuffs in addition to the significant dent) and making everything nice and smooth.

1972 CB350 Gauge refurbish

The gauge faces are supposed to sit for 24 hours, and I’ve thrown a coat of paint on the cans, so now there’s little to do but wait.

1972 CB350 Gauge refurbish

A quick coat of black paint on the outside of the cans, and I’ll have to pick up some paint for the needles – black needle with a red tip seems pretty typical. The white interiors seem fine, with just a bit of windex needed for the lens.

CB350 Gauge renewal

Like the rest of the bike, the gauges are actually in excellent condition. There is a noticeable scuff (approx 1″x1″) on the speedometer, but otherwise they seem fine. I want to get rid of that scuff however, and take the opportunity to bring those gauges back to life.

pretty typical gauge can arrangement

So, this process (thank heavens that the process is well documented here) involves gently prying up a chrome ring that holds the can together, then crimping it back down when finished.

pretty typical gauge can arrangement

I mangled the chrome ring a bit getting the thing apart, it’ll still do it’s job, but will not be a smooth featureless ring anymore (as it’s on the underside of the gauges I don’t think this is a deal breaker).

pretty typical gauge can arrangement

And finally the speedometer is apart – EXACTLY as the directions described. I do need to pick up some supplies to finish this properly, and we’re in no rush as I sit around waiting for carb parts, so I’ll disassemble the tach while we’re waiting and then paint both cans so they match properly.


Have pulled the speedo and tach off the bike, and will be following these simple instructions and taking them apart, refinishing the casing, cleaning the glass and replacing the gauge faces.

CB350 Gauges

These gauges are not in horrible shape -there is a bad scuff on the side of the speedo from when the bike went down (this damage is evident on the stator cover, the damaged shift lever and the fork covers), and of course it is graduated in miles instead of kilometer per hour.

CB350 Speedometer

So a sort of general renewal/refurb and conversion to kmh with a changeover to some LED bulbs in the process. Should have the instruments pretty and functional by the time I’m done.

(And yes, I’ve tested the tach and speedo, and they seem to work properly)