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The return of Red Dwarf?

I heard a rumour… it seems it was true.

Having watched the first episode of Season 10 I have to say….. wow.

Undercover Boss

Uh… Have now watched one episode of this show all the way through (it took some doing), and here’s a tip – if a camera crew shows up with ANY new employee even the douchebags at your workplace are gonna manage to behave for a shift or two.

If you really want to see how they behave use hidden cameras.

A little maintenance long overdue…

I haven’t had a desktop computer for a few years now. Between my “smartphone” and my Toughbook (still one of the best gifts ever) it all gets done.

The Toughbook however, had been starting to cludge, churning away for ages and generally beginning to irritate me to that point where otherwise useful objects become reactive targets at the nearest rifle range.

The Toughbook deserves better than that, and so I hit ebay. Ordering a replacement battery (original battery was at 23% – or somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes when fully charged), replacement HDD (a mere 60GB – inexpensive) and a new power supply (the old one appears to have been attacked by a cat at the connector end, and so needs to be occasionally “jiggled” to make sure I’m running on AC not battery.

Total costof replacement bits, $63CDN.

Backups completed, today I pulled the old HDD out, dropped the new one in and installed xubuntu (in an effort to reduce the overhead of the newer Ubuntu distros).

At this point it’s like a brand new machine.

It seems my days of not taking you seriously are coming to a middle.

Video taken down from youtube:

Shows a “freeman on the land” style fellow recording a trip to the local courthouse with the usual “I do not consent” and “I am a person, not a citizen” gibberish. Eventually defies the court security, ignoring their instructions to leave his camera outside the court room. He is tazed, and presumably does not consent to this either.

The fast track to a sore posterior

Parking, straight in or back in?

Settle a bet for me.

When parking your car do you pull straight in or do you back into the spot?

Yes or no, why do you do that?

…..for bonus points – if you ride do you park the same way with your bike?

My feet – Stadium

They don’t look it, but they’re frozen.

My frozen feet

I’m always overly optimistic when it comes to wool socks and cold weather.

I know my rights

Why is it any person who’s told me this invariably does not?

Ah, those Germans and their sense of humour…

You’re not going to beat Kellys Heroes with that attitude mister.