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Nice, putting the PR back in “prick”

My “binky of the month” award is hereby given to Attorney General of Ontario Michael Bryant for statements made that demonstrate his understanding of gun control issues here in Canada and how they compare to his concealed involvement in a “grass roots” gun control organization.

The gun lobby is clearly furious that the “no gun, no funeral” phrase is gaining traction with the public, he said.

“It’s my phrase; it’s my idea; it’s my website,” Bryant said. “It’s bizarre that people who don’t want to register their guns think I should register my website as a dangerous weapon.

Not quite jagoff, THIS person that DID register his firearms wants YOU to operate above board. That’s it, that’s the entire complaint. As for the “no gun, no funeral” phrase, I think it’s clever, my own contribution is “no politician, no taxes”, What do you think?

Political shenanigans? The Liberals? Gun Bans? Nah…

Steve Janke has the goods on an alleged grass roots movement to ban handguns in Canada. Strangely the principle characters behind this group appear to be key members of the Liberal Party, which kind of cancels out that grass roots origin, doesn’t it?

…Why they should be connected through No-Guns-No-Funerals to Nikki Holland and Glenn Brown, who coincidently share names with executives with the federal and Ontario wings of the Liberal Party, and through that site be attached to a phone number that goes to the riding assocaition of gun-ban supporting Liberal Attorney General Michael Bryant…well…I guess coincidences do occur.

Janke sums it up well here;

…You know, none of this would matter if they just plastered the Liberal Party “L” all over the place..

Agreed. You’d have thought the Liberals would have learned something about transparency by now. Guess not. Big shock there.

Who didn’t see this coming?

…Eighteen-year old Hayder Kadhim launched his campaign Wednesday afternoon in Montreal, demanding tighter limits on handguns, a ban on assault rifles, and the preservation of the national gun registry…
Source: CBC Article

I’m only surpised it took this long.

..handguns should only be allowed in controlled locations such as artillery clubs and shooting ranges..

Handguns are restricted weapons, restricted weapons are only permitted to be discharged on ranges approved by the CFO. Assault rifles are prohibited weapons, and are possessed by only a few gun owners, he likely means “semi-automatic rifles” but that covers a lot of ground, and you’ll pardon my reluctance to let a neophyte decide what is “evil” and what is not. The gun registry is not being dismantled, it’s scope is being rolled back to concentrate on restricted and prohibited weapons.

Victim activists mean well, but being a victim of crime hardly makes one an expert on the topic.

“..Of people who are killed with weapons, about a third of those are with firearms, and two thirds are with knives..” – Stockwell Day

Carefull Stockwell, that knife registry is right around the corner.

Miller at it again…

Mayor Miller has unveiled his ‘get tough on crime’ platform, which was predictable in it’s points. Miller promises to call upon the Federal Government to ban all handguns and semi-automatic weapons, again.

I say we call upon the federal government to ban ineffectual mayors who forget they’re just running a city, not the country.

Torontos Mayor

Driving around Toronto half the week I tend to listen to the news more than is good for me. Typically I hear about the most recent shooting, and the news piece is typically ended with the mayor of Toronto calling for a gun ban, yet again. I admit I have to wonder if he drags the same rhetoric out for each incident, or if the media has given up and just credits him with this over and over again.

Out of a sense of morbid curiousity I googled Miller looking for his re-election website (gotta have one, right?) and found Faster than a speeding cliche, chock-a-block full of heady rhetoric, it’s precisely what you would expect from a politician of Millers calibre (pun intended);


The only entertaining moment surfing this site was when I clicked on “accomplishments” and got an error message akin to “could not be found”. Sadly it loaded just fine the second time I tried.

Ah well, I’m little more than a witness now. It’s up to poor Torontonians to vote this schmuck out of office.

Firearms Registry Shenanigans…

Auditor General Sheila Fraser has released her report which includes a chapter on the Canadian Firearms Registry. The Canadian Firearms Program chapter is about what you’d expect, a dry government document illustrating systemic mismanagement and cost over-runs. The report pegs the cost of the Registry at $1 Billion to date. Including approximately $250 Million spent on developing the information system (Version I, and now Version II) used to track firearms and their owners.

The Conservative minority government has set it’s sights on the registry, as they promised during the election. The plan is to chop the long gun and shotgun sections out, leaving the handguns, restricted and prohibited weapons components under RCMP control.

In essence, a return to pre-CFC practices.

So, to those proponents of the federal firearms registry I ask this. How has this $1 Billion in tax dollars reduced crime. How has this $1 Billion saved lives, how has this $1 Billion done anything but line the pockets of greedy contractors?

Don’t give me intangibles or emotional arguments. Give me one solid reason the entire thing shouldn’t be scrapped before we throw good money after bad.

Like a dog with a bone…

Mayor Miller is once again making noise about his solution to Torontos gun crime issue and is again calling on Prime Minister Harper to impose Millers sole solution, his (often) proposed gun ban. Further he now expects Harper to push the same on the US in the upcoming meeting between Bush and Harper.

(This issue was so important that I couldn’t find a single article in any online source about it, despite the fact it was repeated twice on AM 680 News during this mornings commute.)

I can only assume that the lack of both media coverage and support for this “ban” is indicative of its popularity.

My suggestion, enjoy your single term as mayor Mr. Miller.

A minority Conservative government…

..and they didWell there you have it. The Conservatives picked up 124 seats to the Liberals 103, with the Bloc and the NDP grabbing 51 and 29 respectively.

A minority government, I’m sure Canadians are wondering just how long it will be before we are back to the polls.

Congratulations Mr. Harper, goodbye Mr. Martin.

Ah, this is it. Our Election.

It’s the day. If you’re a gun owner you’ve probably made up your mind (if not cast your ballot) already, if you’re one of the much dicussed “undecideds” then I sypathize with you. My only suggestion is go down to the polling station and vote your conscience.

I’m not going to rant and rave about societal obligation and participation in our electoral system (hell, I’ve spoiled more ballots than I have ever completed), do what you think is right (even if that is nothing).

I’ve cast my ballot, the rest is out of my hands. I wait only to find out how badly the liberals are defeated and to see how my favorite politician (Belinda Stronach) fares in her own riding.