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HDMI to Composite Converter

Our recent CCTV DVR upgrade had a hitch, I misread the spec sheet when ordering the device and “assumed” that it had a composite output. When it arrived I discovered that the only video outputs on this DVR were VGA and HDMI.

While not a deal breaker, this makes it difficult to push the signal out onto the home CATV system. After some research I decided to buy a View HD HDMI to Composite converter. The reviews (both on amazon and youtube) were positive.

View HD HDMI to Composite converter

It was simple to set up, and appears to work flawlessly – no distortion on the video and no issues I can find. Well worth the money at approximately $60.

Still alive and kicking, just swamped.

I realize it’s been some time since an update, and for that I apologize. My days off have been spent reno’ing rather than riding, and I’ve had little time for any serious R&R following our vacation.

Some updates are on the way, hang in there.

A Vacation at Disney

Home again, home again dancing a jig.

We’ve just returned from a week at Disney World (a place I haven’t been since I was wee), and while we had a blast it is nice to again be home amongst my techno-toys, boomsticks and two wheeled conveyances.

Jilly at Disney

We stayed in the Port Orleans – French Quarter resort, and managed to visit Downtown Disney, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom (twice) during our stay. We were joined halfway through our trip by my Mother, Step father and two sisters, which really “made” the trip.

One of the highlights was Jilly, Ros and Carolina having dinner at Cinderellas Royal Table where they met Cinderella in the main receiving hall, and then had a chance to meet a variety of other princesses as dinner progressed.

My favorites were the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular and Star Tours (both in Hollywood Studios).

All in all a good vacation. Now it’s time to get back to work (and school), and get planning our next trip.

Phone woes…

About two years ago I got rid of my amazingly crappy cell phone (with the awesome random shutoff feature – included at no extra charge!) and replaced it with a Google Nexus S, my first Android phone. As expected I went App crazy.

My phone experienced some sort of catastrophic failure yesterday where it went into an endless reboot loop, and I was forced to default the device, spending the next 4 hours or so configuring apps and scratching my head trying to remember passwords I haven’t typed out in just about two years.

The process is over, and hopefully this was some sort of fluke. Aside from this, rather significant mishap, I’ve been a big fan of this smartphone.

CF29 Toughbook woes…

My Panasonic CF29 Toughbook is easily one of the most durable computers I have ever messed around with. Running a lightweight Linux distro it does a fantastic job of allowing me to deal with my email, surf the web and manipulate images. Nothing fancy, just rugged dependable and simple. In fact the only thing that has gone wrong with this computer since my brother gave it to me has been the occasional total failure of the power supply.

The power supply has failed again.

So as I wait for our lettercarrier to deliver a parcel containing the replacement power supply my online presence will be somewhat limited.

Some technical issues

At some point this wordpress theme changed it’s banner image back to a cup of coffee instead of my motorcycle snap, and devoured the links that usually reside down the left hand side of the screen (replacing them with month by month links to old posts? Why that’s handy).

I’ll try and sort this out over the X-mas holidays.

Notice to lo-tek youtube idiots

Please, please, please STOP using a cellphone camera to record your television. Unless you’re living in South central blogistan there is all kinds of cheap technology specifically designed to put TV on your computer and record it there.

Who loaned you a 300 baud modem to access the interwebs with anyway?

When you’ve eliminated the impossible…

I’ve just finished the second season of Sherlock and am suitably pleased with it, both as an entertaining show and as a modern adaptation of the classic tale of the worlds first consulting detective.

The second seasons final episode Reichenbach Fall ends with the (staged) Death of Sherlock after a confrontation with Moriarty, an ending that should come as no surprise to those that are familiar with the Holmes stories.

The death of Sherlock Holmes in the original series was an effort by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to divest himself of the character so that he could concentrate on other writing. The character was resurrected due to pressure from fans of the fictional detective.

When I first read these stories I was about ten years old, I had torn through Volume 1 of the Sherlock Holmes collection (which ends with The Final Problem) completely unaware that there was a Volume 2. I remember the sense of loss and disappointment as I finished the Final Problem, and the sense of relief when Mom or Dad pointed out the second volume sitting on a shelf.

I’ll have to wait longer this time before I see the resurrected Holmes, but we’re assured he is on his way.

The end of the Long Gun Registry?

The Federal Conservatives attempted to get rid of the registry under their minority government and failed, now that they have a majority they have tabled legislation to kill the long gun registry and delete the data.

Of course this is a contentious issue, and I’ll give you three guesses (the first two not counting) as to what my opinion is.

In response some provinces are discussing setting up their own registries, lets hope they don’t turn to the companies that were involved in the federal effort, or we’re likely to see more taxpayer money poured down the drain.