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VZ58 Gun Pron

It’s been a little while since I played around with our new digital camera, and so here for your enjoyment are some pictures of the VZ58 wearing it’s tan furniture.


I’m still not 100% on the tan furniture, it is a vast improvement over the horrific standard faux-wood stock it came with, and I’d prefer to stay away from black furniture (as I’m seriously considering restoring the Norinco M14 to all-black), but no other colors appeal to me.


I’m thinking that I should just go ahead and order real wood furniture for the rifle and be done with it. There are no attachments I want to add to this rifle, no plans for optics or tacti-cool accessories. It’s my primary anti-zombie rifle, and I think it’s just fine in it’s “bling-less” configuration.


I could be wrong however, any thoughts?

VZ58 Furniture Problems

The recent range trip was not entirely without mishap, as we did see the reappearance of a specific problem experienced with the VZ58, that is the seperation of the lower handguard while firing the rifle.

VZ58 handguards

Now this problem was experienced a while back (with the black furniture) and a field-expedient fix was done on that occasion (simply using some micropore tape from my vehicles first-aid kit to shim the forward edge of the handguard). The quick fix was removed when the furniture was refinished and undoubtedly this has recreated the circumstances that lead to the previous problems.

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VZ58 furniture color change

As I said in the last post, the paint (truck bed liner at that!) began to come off the stock of my VZ58. I blame my prep work, I know I rushed that job knowing that the truck bed liner would hide most faults. Ah well, I really wasn’t happy with “tactical black” anyway.

vz58 with tan furniture

Went with tan for a little variety in the cabinet, excuse the poor photography, I’ve yet to find my tripod amongst the unpacked items.

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VZ58 Tampering, font sights

The idea of using the Williams Firesight from my Anti-Zombie SKS-D in the VZ58 has been stuck in my head for the longest time. A casual inspection shows the two front sight assemblies to be superficially similar, but it wasn’t until this evening that I took the time to take things apart enough to see if it was possible.

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Vz.58 furniture redone…

Regardless of the outcome of the poll I had planned to do the stock in black. Yesterday being my first day off I raced over to my uncles to borrow his basement, and took a quick stab at refinishing it. I collected the assorted furniture today and re-installed them this evening.

VZ58 with black furniture

The results, while not spectacular, are quite a bit better than the mottled and mismatched original finish.

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VZ58 Stock Refinishing

Ok, I’ve decided to go ahead and refinish the stock on the VZ58 as I’m not entirely happy with the faux-wood ugly furniture that resides on it now. Before I begin this minor project, I thought I’d ask you for your opinion. So chime in, and tell me why you think one color is better than the other in the comments below.

Voting on the VZ58 stock color

[At 51 votes I think we can call this finished, with Black being the winner. Now ‘fess up, who voted more than once?]

Range Report: VZ58

The trip to the range yesterday was more recreational than practical. After all the running around and sorting ourselves out we actually had about 60 minutes of shooting before the cold and the clock forced us to pack up and head back into town.

Erik and his new VZ58 rifle

That said I did have a chance to try the VZ58 and it made an impression.

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Czech VZ.58S (CZH 2003 Sport)

VZ58 receiver viewThe Vz.58 is a magazine fed, gas operated, selective fire rifle chambered for the 7.62x39mm (“Soviet Intermediate” or M43) cartridge.

Designed by Josef Cermak, who based his work on a design submitted by Emanuel Holek for Czech government trials in 1953, the rifle was redesigned to make use the of M43 cartridge and entered production in 1958. It remains in service today and semi-automatic versions have been manufactured for export.

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