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Backpackers Pantry – Chicken Vindaloo

MREs and concentrated rations are nice, but I figured as long as I was monkeying around with this stuff I would experiment with some food made for hikers and the like. This is short term BOB emergency food as cost/quantity is too high for long term prepping stuff, but might add some much wanted variety to mobile emergency rations.

The disadvantage to freeze dried over concentrated rations or MREs are that boiling water has to be added to make them edible (I suppose you could, in a pinch, eat them without adding the boiling water – but I’m not trying that any time soon).

I discovered that Mountain Equipment Co-op carries Backpackers Pantry – Freeze Dried Chicken Vindaloo (among other, more conventional offerings). I decided I would order a handful of their freeze dried offerings and try them out in the comfort of my living room to see if a few should be included in our BOBs.

Gotta say I was impressed.

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