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The increasingly inaccurately named ’72 hour kit’

Our emergency kit started out as a generic Costco ’72 hour 4 person kit’. I wasn’t happy with the quality or quantity of the contents (although I’ll admit that just having a basic bag was a vast improvement over the ‘cabinet lottery’ we would play in any sort of emergency situation). The arrangement was expanded to one bag for each member of the household and tailored to their needs, but with each capable of carrying the group for the requisite three days if needed.

Our increasingly incorrectly labelled bug out bag

Pictured is one of the “adult” bags. Two of these are configured almost identically with slight variations for each person (one bag has feminine hygiene products and tinned tobacco/rolling paper whereas the other has a fully stocked first aid kit including vitamins, common over the counter medications and a dizzying array of bandages etc).
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72 Hour Emergency Kit – Mk.II

The “Bug out bags” are still a work in progress. I’m not going to be spending a fortune on these, but the initial “luggage” has been replaced with individual bags for each member of the family.

Our 72 hour Emergency Kit

There is no specific emergency these are being prepared for. They are just meant to ensure that we have the essentials for a number of days before anyone becomes hungry, thirsty or cold.

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