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Jilly – Born to ride

So, Jillys training wheels came off on the weekend, and this evening she wanted to venture out of the driveway to try bike riding.

We went round the block, on the final lap I recorded a few seconds of footage. I know it looks shakey, but that’s what you get for trying to use a cell phone camera while riding a bike.

We’re quite proud of the munchkin.

Freeman – Common Law Right to Travel

Ok, if you don’t have a few minutes to kill then you should just skip over this, it’s a bit involved and for all the wrong reasons.

A little while ago I came across a reference to “Freeman on the land” and did a bit of reading and internet’ish research. I was fascinated, because the proponents of this exhibited all the attributes of UFOers and conspiracy theorists, and those people I can watch as long as the popcorn lasts.

The basic premise is that you do not have to submit to societies rules if they are inconvenient to you. Don’t want to pay those pesky tickets and renew your drivers licence and registration? Don’t bother, those statutes do not apply to a free man.

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ING Direct – Referral Bonus

I know I’ve mentioned this at least once before but ING Direct has changed it’s referral bonus structure.

Now if you sign up for a new ING Direct account using my “orange” code they will give each of us a $25 bonus (assuming you open the account and keep at least $100 in there for a pre-specified amount of time etc etc).

$25 is pretty good for free so here, once again, is my “orange code” for those interested in getting the free $25.

(Just go to this page chose which account is right for you, and enter my orange code where it asks for it on the bottom right corner.)

I’m not just flogging ING Direct for the free money, they’ve actually got the most user friendly GUI of the “online” banks, and they can easily be used to push and pull money to/from other high interest accounts (for example Peoples Trust, PC Financial, and Citizens Bank where the user interface is less friendly.).

Other aspects aside the automated savings program is the one I recommend. In a few simple keystrokes you can set up a recurring transfer of any size from your chequing account to your ING account (and you can change this automated transfer on a moments notice as circumstances dictate – push it back two weeks, increase the amount this paycheque or decrease the amount – with very little effort).

If you’re trying to get into the habit of saving, this is likely the account you want. And as there are no fees associated with keeping an ING Direct account, why not give it a try?

One last Monkey jumping on the bed…

A typical Monday, Lisa and I sorta dragging around the house while Jilly races around like her diet consists entirely of sugar. A few warnings from Mommy and Daddy to be careful go largely unheeded.

The adventure culminates in a loud crash from the second floor, followed by a particular sort of howl that indicates this owee may require more than a quick kiss to set right.

Jillians first cast

Initially we figured it for a sprain as there was no swelling or bruising, but a call from the school this morning suggested that the wrist had started to swell and Jilly was still favoring her right hand.

A quick departure from work followed by a trip to our GP, then to the General Hospital pretty much killed the day and resulted in a hot pink cast for poor Jilly.

She’s recovering well, as the photo indicates.

Jillys first day of school.

Yesterday saw my daughter leave for her first day of school.

Jillian leaving for her first day of school

It’s just JK, but it feels like she’s grown up so much already.

Jillys Christmas Attire

’tis the season yet again, and while Christmas for me has come to represent a time for the entire family to gather, consume distilled grain alcohol and to ratchet the conversational volume up to something more in keeping with a busy runway, it is undeniably a time of year for children.

Jilly literally squeals with excitement whenever Santa Claus is observed, and loves the daily dispenser of chocolate (advent calender). We’re looking forward to this year as one where she has a better understanding of what Christmas is all about. In the meantime we’ve expanded her wardrobe to include a few new Christmas outfits.

Snazzy, eh?

This picture is of her just before she left for a Christmas party thrown by a friend of Lisas.

Cute, no?

Jillys Birthday Party – Part II

At the crack of noon we set of for a drive across the dreaded 401 to Fantasy Fair in Toronto for the second installment of Jillys Birthday party with Lisas parents. Jilly (naturally) enjoyed herself quite a bit, immediately fixating on the carousel and wanting to ride the horsies.

Jilly on the Carousel!

The choo-choo and ferris wheel were next, and each adult got a turn acting as escort.

Jilly on the Ferris Wheel

At the top of the ferris wheel (my turn as escort) I asked Jilly if she was scared, the response I got was summed up well in the picture above, she was pretty far from scared and gave me the sort of look I KNOW I’ve given people more than once.

At least she comes by it honestly.

After the rides we parted ways with the in-laws and dashed off to my Cousin Theodores place for a small family gathering unofficially celebrating both the birth of Patrick Arnold and Jillys B-day (and of course spending a little while catching up in the usual din that accompanies any gathering of my family). Pictures of that are somewhat confusing, and I’ll save them for another time.

We’re home now, and more than a little beat. Night night.

Jillys Birthday Party – Part I

Jilly’s birthday is not until tommorow, but familial obligations and geography require two small parties as opposed to the one party I’d prefer. Today was part one of two, and featured a small family gathering in our home. Jilly, Carolina and Ros eating cake and chips and watching Shrek 2.

The birthday cake!

We’re not entirely sure if Jillys figured out the significance of the day, but the receiving presents and eating copious quanities of junkfood certainly registered, and smiles, laughter and the odd scuffle over toys dominated the event.

The girls get into the party spirit!

As of tommorow at 9:00am my little girl is three years old. Three years that seemed to have both flown by, and crawled by. Go figure.

Happy birthday sweetheart.

Jilly versus the zombies

So every day or so I load up Operation Flashpoint for a little zombie mayhem. More reading on the editor is required as the missions I’ve created are more than a little basic (also the Farmland Game logic provides only for the zombies attacking the player and/or players group, and not arbitrary NPCs scattered over the map – this means massive groups of zombies currently migrate across the map inexorably drawn only to my character).

Jilly leaps into action whenever she hears the moans of the zombies approaching by yelling “I hear zombies!”, and then demanding it is her turn to play the game. With this development I’ve modified most of the missions so that NPCs protect the player character to Jilly doesn’t immediately get overwhelmed (although by the time it becomes “my turn” again all my ammunition has been expended).

Jilly battling the zombies

Here’s a snapshot of Jilly playing the game this morning, she can now differentiate between the zombies and the “good guys” or “my guys”, and friendly fire incidents are decreasing (important safety tip, don’t arm a 3 year old with grenades, even if the zombies are coming).