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Car Emergency Kit

I know I’ve posted a bunch of stuff of our household emergency kits, supplies and so forth but thought I’d throw up a quick post detailing the kits I keep in the cars. These kits were largely outfitted using stuff that had been tried and replaced in our main emergency kit, or that was duplicate or surplus altogether.

Car Emergency Kit

Each car is equipped with the following;

    Emergency Kit (Fanny Pack style)

  • 1x LED flashlight and batteries
  • 1x Multitool
  • 2x 12 hour chemical break lights
  • 2x emergency candles and 30x strike anywhere waterproof matches
  • 1x Emergency poncho (yellow)
  • 1x Space blanket
  • 2x N95 masks
  • 4x nitrile gloves
  • 1x whistle
  • 6x hand warmers
  • 1x Datex Emergency Ration Pack
  • 1x package ‘scotch mints’
  • 50′ paracord
  • 1x knife/sheath
  • 1x lifestraw and 15x water purification tabs
  • 1x road flare
  • 1x first aid kit
    1. 2x small antiseptic wipes
    2. 1x packet antibiotic ointment
    3. 2x claritan tablets
    4. 3x standard sized bandaids
    5. 1x large sized bandaid
  • 66″x90″ Wool Blanket
  • 2x 500ml bottles of water
  • The cars also have 12vdc air pumps, spare fuses etc that are separate from these kits.

    Any suggestions?