I’m a big fan of my Veralite, but the app that MCV provides is kinda fugly (the recent upgrade to U17 appears to have prompted an overhaul which improves the app asthetically if not functionally).

It works, but it wasn’t particularly pretty, and didn’t give you the option to configure which devices you can see or how they’re presented.


Enter Imperihome an app designed to allow you to design your own interface with your home automation system. Imperihome allows you to choose a layout and to configure which devices, cameras, scenes or switches (both virtual and actual) are displayed.

The app can be used on your phone, or on tablets located within your home to simplify the use of your system. At this point for me it finally makes my home automation system/CCTV/Alarm System feel truly integrated.

While the Vera MMS app ties everything in together the Imperihome app allows me to see what I want to see, and place controls (garage door, exterior lights, media shutdown) right beside status indicators and cctv feeds.

This one app replaces the three I am used to using to see the status of the house.


  1. ImperiHome says:

    Thanks for this review!
    Happy to read our application matches with your needs. It will continue to evolve to offer, we hope, new features that will suit you!

    Best regards,

    The ImperiHome Team

  2. Madeye says:

    Now … that’s sexy … almost makes it tempting to install all those expensive controls and sensors, just to be able to run the app … LOL!

    But, seriously, it is nice when one finds an app that works the way one wants :-)

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