Emergency Power

Our first generator was a econo-sized 1200 Watt generator picked up on sale. Not particularly powerful (enough to keep the fridge cold or the furnace blower going, but only ONE job at a time). It does require a gas-oil mix, and was occasionally a bit of a pain to start.

TG1200 Generator

It seems to be ubiquitous, and reviews are generally positive (here, here and here).

It really seemed to be our good luck that we simply had never had a real power failure of sufficient duration to warrant using the generator. That said I had concerns about the ability of this little generator to carry the load of our fridge (bigger than the fridge we had when we bought the generator), and had my eyes open for an upgrade.

I recently stumbled across the Champion 3000W Generator on sale at Canadian Tire for $350 (usually on for $599). The generator has generally favourable reviews and should provide more than enough capacity for our needs.

Champion 3000 Watt Generator

I’m hoping to test the generator soon, for now we have both in case of trouble.


  1. Madeye says:

    Kewl! That’s a serious piece of gear! Anything with a 30-amp twist receptacle has to be a serious bit of kit ;-)

  2. Mugwug says:

    Yep…it is shiny.

    I enjoyed the reviews on the CT website, seems like a number of people have turned to this model during minor disruptions (I kept hoping for an “open box” deal following the last two major storms, but either our local CT didn’t do that or people just kept them afterwards).

    This finally hit the right price point, and it’s better to have a bit extra capacity than too little.

    It certainly is a justifiable expense considering how much use we’ve gotten from out little 1200 watt generator.


    Still….ounce of prevention and all.

  3. Merle says:

    Better to test BEFORE you need it, only to be disappointed when you do need it.


  4. Patrick says:

    Nice! I’ve have the same one. Costco deal at $279!

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