Zwave Kwikset Lock

One of the devices I like with the Zwave system is the integrated electronic deadbolt. We already had a digital deadbolt on the back door (although it lacks the Zwave integration) for if and when we forgot our keys or accidentally locked ourselves out (definately beats a key hidden under the mat or on the top of the door frame).

Kwikset Zwave Lock

We went with the Smartcode Deadbolt with Zwave for key consistency and asthetics. The ability to program access codes from my laptop instead of while standing at the front door with a user manual in my hand is an added bonus.

Vera Zwave programming screen

You get all the Zwave/HA functionality you’d expect – Program up to 40 codes, each one can be valid indefinately, on specific days of the week and between certain hours or make the code valid only for a specific date range (with Lua programming you can even make a code a “one time use” where the system will delete the code immediately after it is used for the first time).

Vera Zwave notification screen

Through vera you can program the usual array of notifications ranging from when someone has locked the door, to any attempts to enter using an invalid PIN. These actions can also trigger Scenes within Vera, and so forth and so on.

You can have scenes triggered by the door being unlocked (foyer lights on, alarm system disarmed, etc etc etc) or have other scenes lock or unlock the front door.

My only area of concern with this lock is the battery life. We’ll be watching the life span carefully.


  1. Madeye says:

    My only area of concern with this lock is the battery life.‘ … Three or four AA batteries?

    But this whole system is quickly becoming quite complex – and, therefore, sensitive to failure. Is there a centralized back-up and restore (for the inevitable)?

  2. Mugwug says:

    One area the Vera seems to excel in is the backups. Not only have I made some substantial backups to the NAS as we experiment with the various configurations, but it seems the unit does its own backup nightly and keeps (so far) all of them on file with the Micasa Verde mother ship.

    I have defaulted the device already once, figuring a clean state with what I’ve learned would be better than the clutter left from the learning process.

    Am pretty pleased with this little thing.

  3. Mugwug says:

    *Just checked –

    Documentation says they keep the last 5 days, but checking my system the last 15 days are backed up on the mothership.

  4. Madeye says:

    Yup … quite often, in the early stages of the learning curve, the best thing to do is to simply push that reset button … LOL!

  5. Sigivald says:

    I don’t know about that specific lock, but I have a Schlage Camelot, and the two AAs in it have lasted well over six months, and my SmartThings hub insists they’re over 95% charged still (they were Energizers, I think).

    I’d expect good battery life.

  6. Mugwug says:

    Sigivald: Good to know, I generally turn my nose up at wireless (particularly battery operated) devices as a “quick cheat”, although in this case I can’t figure out a way of actually hard wiring a door lock without installing an electric strike into the frame.

    I’ll be watching the battery monitor closely (which already shows 70%) but can only assume the increased draw has something to do with my constantly messing with it.

    Can’t resist playing with the new toy.

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