Mi Casa Verde VeraLite – Day 1

I’m impressed.

I tinkered with the Veralite today for the first time. Plugged it into the home network, let it download its updated firmware, registered on the corporate website and then got stuck into the task of getting it to recognize the components already in place.

That was a snap!

The device lets you download “apps” that take care of the basic interaction with different devices. It took me no time to download the DSC app (interaction with the alarm system), the WeMo app (interaction with my Wifi light switches), a CCTV app to bring in the feed from the surveillance cameras and even an IP Ping app that can ping our cell phones to keep track (in general) of who is home.

So, now the device list is complete, I need to start learning about “scenes” and “triggers”.


  1. Madeye says:

    Nice when things ‘work as advertised;-)

    Sounds like a big hole just opened up … into which a large portion of the toy budget will disappear … LOL!

  2. Mugwug says:

    Yes…I am very pleased with this device.

    I see all kinds of automated nonsense in our future.

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