As we’ve renovated our new house I’ve taken the opportunity to run wire for both the alarm and CCTV systems whenever I get the chance. More renovations means more coverage for both. The system now, after four years of renos, is really quite substantial.

An early issue was the location of the recording/distribution hardware for the system. I chose a high shelf near an outlet in the basement for convenience. This area has become quite a mess as I’ve run in new cameras and have left long loops of wire (for later relocation) dangling around the shelf.

Home CCTV system

Our long list of other projects trumpted CCTV as a priority, but I’ve now arranged a proper location for the CCTV system, and have just finished relocating it (hence the picture of the old setup).

We’re not done yet, but it is coming along nicely.

(For the record, the new location is much better organized and looks less sloppy)


  1. Carbonman says:

    I hope it’s neater. One accidental snag of a loose cable and it all comes crashing down. Have you considered a used rack? You could tie all your systems into a single location and have proper cable looms for your networked systems. Potential buyers would love the look (you know you will move again as soon as all your projects are completed).
    Glad to see you’re still having fun with the house. We’re content to leave pretty much everything alone in our place for now. I’ve wired the alarm, audio, video and computer as required and don’t see any changes soon.

  2. Mugwug says:

    CM I am transitioning to a used rack, and things are much cleaner in that area now. When we started this I had NO idea where the final location was going to be, and so it ended up on this shelf with loads of wire. In it’s defence there were straps/tie downs to prevent it crashing down.

    You’re right, it was a spiders web and MURDER to work on with that tangled mess, it was therapeutic tearing that mess apart and relocating it all.

    Oh we’re far from done, the new master bedroom has three runs of cat5, three RG6, a few of alarm and speaker wire for the built-in speakers. I can’t help but think I’ve forgotten something, but there is A LOT of wire up there.

  3. Madeye says:

    OMG … you’ve been in that place four years already! Time flies – when you’re having fun, eh? ;-)

    Will have to get organized for a trip to your beautiful neck of the woods to check out your recent work on the place. Been a while.

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