Still here…

The weather is improving, it’s my week off and…

Well, let’s be serious here. There are reno’s at the house calling for my attention and time to be spent with my daughter. So for the time being the bikes have each other for company in the garage and I’ll get back to the outstanding clutch adjustment and double checking the timing once things return to the normal work week routine.

1972 Honda CB350

In the meantime I couldn’t resist taking a few minutes and dragging the bikes out of the garage to enjoy the sunshine before putting them away and picking up the sledgehammer once more.

More updates as we get there.


  1. Madeye says:

    How sweet it is! … one’s motorcycle collection in the sunshine … LOL!

    Good luck with those domestic improvements … not as much fun as wrenching on a bike, but necessary just the same. Don’t forget that some of us are interested in blog entries for those, also ;-)

  2. Mugwug says:

    Master bedroom demo continues, followed by cleanup, then more wiring… it’s old hat, but I’ll post some pics anyway. We’re now half demolished in there, with the biggest walls already down.

    Framing the basement needs a kick in the pants, and I need to get the new network rack sorted so I can reclaim the floor space.


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