Wiring bucket, or headlight…

One area I have been EXTREMELY lucky with the CB350 has been with the electrical system in general. With the exception of a dead flasher relay the electrical has been nearly perfect.

I’ve had to open the headlight up to connect the new front brake switch, and the condition of the wires there is no disappointment.

1972 Honda CB350 headlight

I’ll do some reading on whether or not some sort of headlight upgrade is worthwhile, and then we’ll put it all back together and make sure I haven’t ruined anything with my tampering.


  1. red says:

    The old CBs are lots of fun! Had a 71 CL450 and a 73 CB350. Might even have some 350 parts left in the garage. I’ll dig around and see.

    The wiring in the headlight is always a nightmare to deal with.

  2. Madeye says:

    LOL! I’d say for the majority of bikes of that vintage, most of the wiring connections got located in the headlight bucket.

    The wiring cluster in yours is not as bad as some I’ve seen. And it’d appear that there’s virtually no corrosion in there at all. Good one!

  3. Sigivald says:

    THat’s … more wiring that I expected in a headlight, not being a bike guy.

    (I’ve put Hella H4 replacement lamps in my sealed-beam vehicles and been very happy with them…)

  4. red says:

    A lot of the vintage bikes house the main wiring harness/junction in the headlight bucket. It’s a royal pain in the arse.

  5. Erik says:

    It’s a theme with this bike, I’ve been very fortunate that it is in great shape. Got the front brake switch hooked up in about 30 seconds, then started poking around in there. Can’t see anything I’d call a red flag.

    Still going to look at headlight options… but whats the rush. Still no carb kits… maybe I should double check where I ordered those from.

  6. Madeye says:

    Was once a time when just about every vehicle out there ran 6012 sealed beam headlamps.

    I just checked The Tire’s site to see what the price of a 6012/6014 bulb was … they don’t even sell them any more!

    At close to $20 for an H6024, it’s almost a breakeven to buy a H4 conversion kit … LOL!

  7. Pieter says:

    If the goal was to keep the wires safe from the elements, I’d say mission successful.
    Looks good.

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