Where we are now….CB350

So, we’ve have officially passed the $1200 mark on this project, which includes the bike itself, towing to my place and the cost of replacement bits and bobs, which so far consists of;

Honda CB350

  • Set of tires, tubes and wheel rim rubber (18″x3″ and 18″x3.5 – original sized tires)
  • Front and rear brake shoes
  • New 530/94L O-ring chain
  • New battery
  • NOS Petcock
  • NOS Key
  • New front brake cable
  • New front brake light switch
  • Flasher relay
  • Brake light cover
  • Fuel line
  • Set of replacement hex head bolts
  • Shift Lever and rubber boot
  • Original Clymer manual for Honda 250&350 Twins ’64-’74

Not included in the mix is a compression gauge, motorcycle jack and a few other minor assorted tools.

Honda CB350

At this point I am not anticipating any other substantial expenses except for perhaps the gas tank, but we’ll see where we land after seeing if we can get the thing re-assembled and running.


  1. Madeye says:

    Well, there are few other motor vehicle restoration projects which can claim such a low tab … LOL!

    But it does sounds like you’re getting there. Don’t forget to budget for plugs, points, &c. which the tune-up will no doubt call for … although none of those compare in costs to things like tires, &c.

    Love the postings … keep your fans informed! :-)

  2. Merle says:

    I’m looking at a similar project for a 1975 Kawasaki 900 Z1.
    Hopefully it’ll turn out as good as yours – and also reasonably priced!


  3. Erik says:

    Dad: Like I’d have it any other way… more updates as they go.

    Merle: Awesome! As for reasonably priced, well… we’ll see, I’m curious what the final tally is when I finish this up.

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