Wheels Off

Now that the bike is up off the ground parts are practically falling off of it. Front and rear wheels came off without too much trouble, and I’ll soon get around to pulling the rubber off.

Shedding parts

Still impressed with the condition of the bike, have only run into a few bits where corrosion or damage was an issue.


  1. Pieter says:

    looks good.
    how far ya going to rip it down before ya put it back together?
    I presume there is an end goal? Was there something that required this much demo?
    sure does look clean in there.

  2. Erik says:

    It’s pretty much all coming apart.

    The bike had been a few years without TLC or maintenance, any perishable bits pretty much have.

    It’s all good. The goal here was to have a project bike to wrench on, to learn my way around it, and to have a bit of fun into the bargain. So far so good!

    So now I have a guilt free, no deadline, not stopping me from riding project bike sitting in the garage that I can go out and monkey around with for a few hours (Clymer guide in my lap), and just enjoy the process…. if I want to ride I hop on my CBR and take off.

  3. Madeye says:

    LOL! … The definition of a ‘project bike’ … Something you can screw up on without depriving yourself of a ride ;-)

  4. Mugwug says:

    Yep… that’s it exactly.

    Piet, the old ’72 CB350 is in pretty good shape, and I’ve been real careful pulling the pieces off. More penetrating oil has been spayed on the outside than ever gurgled around the inside (and hence the nice sheen on the bike when I take pictures).

    I’m looking forward to riding the CB350, but anticipation is 9/10s the pleasure as they say (and hell, I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with the bike – optimally I’d like to fix up the gas tank, and get the original paint redone, but that’s a bit of work it seems).

    No hurry…

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