Random Motorcycle Fail….

Went out to move the bikes around in the garage so neighbor can store his bike in our garage for the storm. Noticed when I turned the key on the CBR250R one notch too far that it didn’t produce that characteristic “whine”, and then clued in that the instrument cluster was dark.


Multimeter in hand checked the battery and sure’nuff it was showing 5.6 volts – a little low to run the bike. Ok, one issue at a time. Hook the bike up to the battery tender and get it charged back up.

Battery measures 13v fully charged, so that suggests the problem is elsewhere. Will climb all over the bike in a few days based on advice from the helpful folks at the CBR250 forum, and will try to isolate the issue.


  1. Madeye says:

    5.6 volts?! … That sounds like serious trouble. No way the voltage should drop that low. Even a mostly discharged battery will still read 11 volts or more :-(

    A fully charged battery (at state of rest) will read somewhere in the 12.6-12.8 volt range at these ambient temperatures.

    Good luck tracking down the problem.

  2. Pieter says:

    Is it a 6 volt system?

  3. Madeye says:

    Pieter … you haven’t lived until you’ve worked on one of those old Lucas 6-volt positive-ground systems.

    It was naught for naught that Lucas was referred to as ‘The Prince of Darkness’ ;-)


  4. Erik says:

    Madeye: Well, the bike is running fine. Worrisome with an undiagnosed issue somewhere, but just had the bike out for the morning and she’s running like a top. Threw my multimeter in the backpack just in case but no issues.

    Checked my splice job for the USB port and will tear it apart and re-shrinkwrap the connections, it may or may not be the issue, but I’ll feel better having done it.

    Piet: Nuh uh. As I’ve told Dad it’s an odd issue. Charged the battery back up, kept close track of it over the last 4 days, it’s been perfect, battery has held it’s charge no issues. The only thing I can think of was that the last time I rode the bike (two weeks ago or so) it was raining ALOT, it occured to me that my wiring for the USB port might have gotten wet and MAYBE grounded out a bit somewhere. It’s really the only thing I have changed thats ‘lectrical on the bike.

    Anyway, will keep an eye on it.

    On the plus side this convinced m to buy a nice neat battery tender from Canadian Tire which includes a slick pigtail arrangement and connector so when I need to plug the charger in I can just open the trunk and hook it up instead of having the remove the seat itself.


  5. Pieter says:

    Didn’t you wire stuff in your house?
    Just saying. :-)

  6. Erik says:

    Saying what?

    I can’t find any trouble with my wiring. So I’m back to square one here. For now the battery is holding a charge, the charging system works fine and I’ve NO idea why the battery drained so low.


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