1972 Honda CB350 – Random Picture

Side covers taken off the bike and cleaned up. A few minor cracks that can be melted/epoxied from the inside without issue I expect.

Honda CB350 Side Covers

Not bad for 41 year old plastic, eh?


  1. Matti says:

    Those really are in sweet shape. Kinda motivates one to try and touch up the rust spots on the tank and go with the original paint scheme, eh?

  2. Mugwug says:

    Yep. Like I said I’m a big fan of the original paint scheme. With the fork covers (hopefully) replaced with plastic gaiters, and the side covers in excellent shape then I’m left with “touching up” the gas tank, or leaving some of the minor issues for “character”.

    So at this point, we’re closer to a restoration than anything else.

  3. carson j says:

    These still up for sale?

  4. Mugwug says:


    Nope. Never were for sale.

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