CB350 – Bits keep coming off

Have not had a lot of time to monkey with the bike over the last few days, but did confirm that the two “snipped” wires sticking up by the headlight ARE the front brake light wires (the front brake light switch is missing – a replacement has been ordered).

Took the gas tank off (with only a tiny bit of spillage) and can now set about dismantling the carbs when it’s a shade warmer in the garage.

1972 Honda CB350 with Gas tank removed

I’m still waiting for some supplies to arrive in the mail, and have ordered a few others in anticipation of the work ahead. Just waiting on a few days off and some relatively nice weather.


  1. Madeye says:

    Ah, hah! Now it’s starting to look like a ‘project bike’ … LOL!

    Yup … the ‘good news’ is that spring is only a couple of weeks away – so the ‘nice weather’ is now within sight (well, it is, if your eyesight is excellent ;-)

  2. Madeye says:

    BTW … now that you have the tank off, how’s the inside of it look? Going to be useable without treatment?

  3. Erik says:

    There is a small amount of visible rust inside the tank. Am pretty sure I’m not going to be doing much more than some cleaning (vinegar?) the interior, and then carrying on.

    Have to decide if I’m keeping the original colors (which I like) or painting everything. The issue here is the scrapes on the front fork covers (or whatever they’re called), both are dented in and the paint is beated to heck – it’s clear the bike went down, but the damage appears cosmetic.

    I’m either going to have to source replacements in the right color or paint them myself, which then becomes a color matching issue.

    Meh, will post pics of that issue soon enough.

  4. Madeye says:

    Well, there’s a whole ‘nother series of endless threads on what to do about rust in the old gas tank … LOL!

    As far as those fork covers … maybe want to look into using gaiters – not stock for CB350, but were on CL350s, look trick and don’t get as banged up.

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