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CF29 Toughbook woes…

My Panasonic CF29 Toughbook is easily one of the most durable computers I have ever messed around with. Running a lightweight Linux distro it does a fantastic job of allowing me to deal with my email, surf the web and manipulate images. Nothing fancy, just rugged dependable and simple. In fact the only thing that has gone wrong with this computer since my brother gave it to me has been the occasional total failure of the power supply.

The power supply has failed again.

So as I wait for our lettercarrier to deliver a parcel containing the replacement power supply my online presence will be somewhat limited.

Coming apart…

Piece by piece the bike is coming apart.

dismantling CB350

Just had to go for a ride…

Yesterday was still fairly cold, but with the sun out I had no choice but to get the CBR out of the garage and take it for a zip around town for an hour or so.

Me and the Weebeearr

Jilly snapped a photo of me grinning like an idiot when I got home, it’s kinda hard to tell with the helmet on.

CB350 – Right Hand Switch

Have now taken apart and re-assembled the interesting Right Hand Switch on the bike, and reinstalled the front brake switch. I’m still somewhat puzzled by the switch, but hey. It’s a 40 year old bike.

On to the next item.

RTFM – Documentation

I’ve now got a copy of the service manual, of the exploded diagrams and parts lists and the Clymer manual covering this model year. Should guide me along, and at least tell me where I went wrong.

No we’re just waiting on the warm weather.

1972 Honda CB350 – Random Picture

Side covers taken off the bike and cleaned up. A few minor cracks that can be melted/epoxied from the inside without issue I expect.

Honda CB350 Side Covers

Not bad for 41 year old plastic, eh?

CB350 – Bits keep coming off

Have not had a lot of time to monkey with the bike over the last few days, but did confirm that the two “snipped” wires sticking up by the headlight ARE the front brake light wires (the front brake light switch is missing – a replacement has been ordered).

Took the gas tank off (with only a tiny bit of spillage) and can now set about dismantling the carbs when it’s a shade warmer in the garage.

1972 Honda CB350 with Gas tank removed

I’m still waiting for some supplies to arrive in the mail, and have ordered a few others in anticipation of the work ahead. Just waiting on a few days off and some relatively nice weather.