Fixing Chrome

There is a fair amount of rust on the bike, most noticably on the chrome bits. As I’ve now removed the exhaust I’ve spent a little time polishing the chrome bits and trying to restore it’s former glory.

Chrome mufflers

A little googling suggested rubbing the rusty portions with aluminum foil. It actually seems to work, and as I’ve got some time waiting for the first wave of replacement parts to arrive I’ll get a jump on cleaning the exhaust and the wheels.


  1. Madeye says:

    Another one of those endless biker debates: ‘What’s the best way to get rust on chrome?’

    Everybody has their own idea of how best to deal with it … aluminum foil and Coke, fine steel wool, Scotch-Brite, jeweler’s rouge, 600 grit wet-n-dry with WD-40, vinegar, rubbing with a wooden block, onions … (‘onions’?!)

    I tend to stick with Autosol – does the job for me :-)

  2. Erik says:

    Well I’m surely getting a good chance to make a more empirical comparison of these methods with this bike. There is rust everywhere, not catastrophic amounts but some elbow grease is gonna be required.

    The wheels I started cleaning a few days back using only Autosol, it was fairly successful. The front and rear fenders were done using tin foil with marked success, exhaust was all of the above – fine grit steel wool, aluminum foil, autosol (which is fair, some serious rust there).

    In general the bike is cleaning up nicely.

  3. Madeye says:

    You write, ‘but some elbow grease is gonna be required

    LOL! Yes – I forgot to mention that one … lots of ‘elbow grease’ ;-)

  4. Pieter says:

    I tend to go the high temp black paint route.

  5. Mugwug says:

    Piet: Yeah, but your bike had ALOT of chrome, I may still blank some of this out, but I need to know what can be restored and what will need to be redone/repainted/covered up.

    This bike doesn’t have that much chrome, front and rear fenders and exhaust are the majority of the square footage – handlebars, signal stalks and some covers on the engine.

    We’ll see where we end up.

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