Leather Care – CB350 Saddle

The seat for the bike was in excellent condition (no rips, tears etc), only a little bit dirty. I dragged it indoors and applied some leather balm and scrubbed the dirt out. The results are entirely satisfactory.

Honda CB350 seat

The only issue is with some rust on the buckle on either side. I haven’t really made an effort to resolve that concerning myself more with the leather itself.

Honda CB350 seat

I may give the seat another going over to get some of the more stubborn bits out, but I think I can turn my attention elsewhere. As an added bonus I discovered the original owners manual in the compartment under the seat sealed in plastic.

Honda CB350 owners manual

Cool, eh?


  1. Pieter says:

    I love this story.
    Keep the updates coming.

  2. Madeye says:

    No freaking way! The original owner’s manual was still there? Now, that’s cool :-)

    If memory serves, Japanese motorcycle owner manuals of that period offering some excruciating examples of mangled English … LOL!

    Seat looks great. You’ll have to get out the Autosol and polish up those buckles. But that’s a lot simpler than making up a new seat cover ;-)

  3. Mugwug says:

    I haven’t pulled it out of the plastic yet, it’s hanging on the corkboard in the garage – but never fear I’ll leaf through it and if there’s any good bits they’ll appear here.

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