Buffalo Linkstation Duo LS-WVL – Media Server/NAS

I have been using small NAS devices running Snake OS. We haven’t had any problems with our device, but the one that I set up over at Moms place died a week ago with no clues as to what went wrong.

Our system has been largely reliable, serving triple duty as an SMB (network file share), UPnP server (via a Mediatomb installation) and as a Bittorrent client (Snake OS comes with Transmission BT client). This has meant that I have been able to leave this unit happily churning away at downloads and feeding the assorted media players in our house without issue, while all the PCs sleep soundly each night.

It’s a handy little device but there are several issues;

  • All storage is USB external drives (two ports on the NAS unit). Does NOT recognize anything larger than a 2TB drive, obvious storage cap of 4TB as a result.
  • There appears to be a chronic (multi-release) memory leak, so after a week of running the services will eventually slow to useless and a hard reboot required. (newer releases of Snake OS are better at compartmentalizing this issue, but it remains. I have never made it past 14 days without having to reboot the NAS.)

I wanted more capacity, and less clutter. It seemed clear that despite the expense I was going to have to buy myself a proper NAS with internal storage. Some shopping around brought me to the Buffalo Linkstation Duo LS-WVL, dual 2tb internal drives along with a USB port for external storage, built in UPnP/DLNA media server, SMB sharing and a BT client make it the perfect replacement, on paper…

Abuse testing is in progress, we’ll see….

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