DVR Project – Asthetics

I suppose it would have been easiest to just go with an HP branded DVR system, but then that would be far too easy to be one of my projects wouldn’t it? I figured as long as I was spending time sitting around waiting for various components to be delivered by the mailman I’d take the time to spruce up the computer just a bit, and give it a “custom” appearance.

Rebranded as a BOS Digital Video Recorder
(Looks kinda official, no?)

Rebranded as a BOS Digital Video Recorder
(You remember what it looked like at the start, right?)

First the “Windows XP” and “Intel Inside” stickers had to be deep-sixed (and let me tell you, the adhesive they use is staggeringly resistant to removal!). Next I dremelled the HP logo off and used JB Weld to fill the new cavity (followed by some more dremelling and sanding to get it all nice and smooth again – I ALWAYS use too much JB Weld).

Removal of all the moving bits followed, then a paint job (changing the techno-silver into a more standard matte black to match the other surveillance hardware), with tan used for the old accents on the face of the system (a simple expedient, the CD-Rom I’d installed was Tan’ish and I couldn’t be bothered repainting it).

Rebranding in progress
(It became a fairly neutral looking PC at this point, no?)

I’d given some thought to the new “brand” and in the end went with a fairly generic logo (anyone recognize it?) and some “stencil’ish” text. Not wanting to go through the nightmare of painting these fairly small details on I sourced some transfer paper and created my own transfers (like the ones I used on model cars, tanks and airplanes when I was a kid).

Rebranded as a BOS Digital Video Recorder
(Then the official looking markings are added…)

Voila! Looks like a professional little machine, no? I’ll agree that the asthetics are a very low priority for this sort of project, but I had all sorts of time to kill while waiting for the new HD and RAM, and I really wanted an excuse to play with the transfers.

Cost of Asthetics:
Paint: $15
Transfer Paper: $8
JB Weld: $4
Total: $27

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the HD, RAM, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor (which will need to be rebranded as well). Not quite the home stretch yet.


  1. kd says:

    Beauty! Decor is important!

  2. Matti says:

    That looks really sharp!

    Doh! When I was labeling my 12 volt control panel, I went looking for white LetraSet, failed and ended up trying to letter with a teeny brush and white paint. Looks flaky. Transfer sheets! Why didn’t you tell me? ;-)

  3. Marc says:

    No…hd would’ve been better

  4. Pieter says:

    HA…..I got it, Brotherhood of Steel.
    Cool, good one.

  5. Mugwug says:

    KD: I agree. Function before form, but no harm in it looking proper when you’re done.

    Dad: I have four sheets left of the transfer paper if you want some. I ordered the white backing stuff which is perfect for white lettering on a black background but stinks for any other color (as you’d have to color match the printer color with the background – in this respect these transfers are more like stickers), but they offer the clear backing as well, which is perfect for black text on any background.

    Different paper for inkjets and laser printers as well. Ebay, natch.


    Marc: Nobody asked you.

    Nya nya!

    Piet: Well spotted! Give the man a cigar!

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