DVR Project – The DVR Card

My current system relies on 4 channel PCI cards each based around a single Conexant BT878 chip. They advertise a rate of 30fps (frames per second) which decreases by 50% for each camera added, resulting in approximately 3.5fps if all four ports are used (these cards can be had on Ebay for $10 a piece, with shipping included).

The card acquired for the new DVR relies upon 8 separate Conexant BT878 chips and claims 240FPS (30 FPS per input), although this will need to be tested (truthfully 10-15fps would be more than adequate).

8 channel DVR PCI Card

Image resolution at 640×480 is doable, although this is a problem for the computers processor not so much for the DVR card.

Increasing both the frame rate and resolution will have a significant impact on the computer (processor, memory and storage), and I’ll have to seek the most bang for my buck in these respects.

As with the existing system all but the multiplexed feed will be recorded on a “movement” detected basis, and while this will reduce (if properly configured) the storage space needed it will increase the demand on the processor and memory.

Obviously I’ll be shopping around looking at computers next.


  1. Matti says:

    LOL! It’s always down to the ‘weakest link’, isn’t it?

    At least the price of processors and memory has dropped to ‘doable’ levels.

  2. Carbonman says:

    If you have to choose between frame rate and resolution, cut the frame rate. Resolution is what you want for forensic purposes. Who needs a good moving image of a blob?

  3. Erik says:

    Dad: Yeah, this should be a fairly inexpensive project. I want the chance to play with this system, rather than having to race it into service.

    Meh… projects.

    Carbonman: Absolutely. I’d rather have high res than high frame rate. The current setup has neither, so I’ve had to improvise – there have been some compromises as a result, and the new system is meant to get rid of them altogether.

    I figure if I need to trim back, the frame rate will get cut first. Detail, gimme more detail dag-gummit!

  4. Baylink says:

    Hey. Google likes you. :-)

    1) Was that a Kodicom card?

    2) Real, or knockoff?

    3) 8800A?

    4) How much did you pay for it?

    5) Did you install the heatsinks yourself?

    6) How’s it been working out?

    I’m looking into building an NTSC multiviewer (to feed a bunch of video signals in my control room into an HDMI bigscreen or two), to avoid paying $5-8k for one… and that’s the card I’m looking at.

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