It’s that day again…

I’m beat, but before I rack out I wanted to make sure you had all given sufficient thought to your actions when faced with the inevitable hockey mask wearing aquatic zombie that may accidentally target you amidst his periodic slaughter of co-eds.

You are ready, aren’t you?


  1. Gmac says:

    Meh, I was really hoping to see the coed’s first before a ‘hockey mask wearing aquatic zombie’ came bouncing in at the pad.

  2. Mugwug says:

    Methinks on this day it’s best to avoid the coeds altogether. Still leaves 364 days a year in which to indulge yourself.


  3. MEDIC says:

    You HAVE to be related to my brother, who also is on his guard always for Zombies. : – P

  4. Matti says:

    It’s Saturday … can I come out of my bunker now?! ;-)

  5. Mugwug says:

    Medic: Possibly, but if I’m related to your brother wouldn’t that make me related to you? Am I related to you? Are we related?

    I’m too sleepy to go anywhere with this I’m afraid, is your brother a member of the Zombie Squad the worlds premier ambulatory cadaver suppression squad?


    Dad: Yes you can come out, just stay away from the co-eds for the next little while just to be safe.

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