FrankenGarand Range Test…

The FrankenGarand and IToday represented the final hurdle in the birth of my FrankenGarand, its range test.

The headspace had checked out ok and the rifle appeared to lock up tight and cycle properly, but there’s always a moments trepidation when firing a newly assembled rifle for the first time. This was certainly no exception, and I set the camera to record video for the first shot, just in case the worst happened.

I loaded one round into the rifle (if you’ve never done this with a Garand with no SLED you’re missing out – You can’t just stick it in the chamber and let go the bolt), and when the trigger was pulled the rifle went bang in the proscribed manner.

Subsequent efforts were simpler if only because an entire enbloc could be loaded. The only difficulty encountered was with the first enbloc. After every second round the enbloc would come halfway up and out of the action, requiring me to reseat it. I used a different enbloc for the remaining rounds, and this particular problem did not reappear.

Performance was acceptable (considering I had failed to boresight the rifle before taking it out), with an acceptable 4 inch grouping at 50 yards, which will have suffice until I get more .308 ammo to sight the rifle in properly as I must admit I was more concerned with function than accuracy on this trip.


  1. Patrick says:

    Just what is an enbloc?

  2. Mugwug says:


    The enbloc is a clip designed to hold 8 rounds of ammunition. Inserted into the action of the m1 it serves as a key element in the overly complicated internal magazine. Basically similar to a stripper clip or charger it differs in that it remains in the rifle until the ammunition is expended, the rifle cannot be loaded to capacity without one.

    In short, it’s the little metal thingy that goes “CHING!” in “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers”.

  3. Malfeus says:

    You can’t load a single round into an M14 for similar reasons, right?

    That’s a comfy rifle to shoot. As much as I love that SKS you sold/gave me, I have a great affinity for peep-sights.

    My AR has some, but damned if tackling this ATT thing hasn’t been easy.

  4. Mugwug says:

    Yeah, free floating firing pins are a nuisance that way, if the bolt rides home without the resisitance of striping a round out of the mag/enbloc theres the possibility of a slamfire (never had one, but why take the chance, eh?)

    I love the peep sights, I still recommend the techsights ts100 if you’re interested in peep style sights for the SKS, about $45 USD.

    You tried them on my SKS before, right?

  5. Cowboy Blob says:

    Lovely! And, no, I’m not talking about your legs!

  6. Malfeus says:

    $45 USD, eh? I’ll look ‘em up. I never got to try them on your rifle, it was a full-fledges AZR by then, although with the less than successful alternate to the red-dot sight.

  7. Mugwug says:

    Malfeus, here’s the link,

    They have the old TS100 (which I have) which is adjustable for windage, or the new TS200 which is adjustable for both windage and elevation (Hey, new product!).

    They’re excellent to deal with, I recommend these guys!

    Cowboy Blob,

    Thanks for clarifying, you had me worried for a second.


  8. publicola says:

    what kind of ammo did you use (make/weight, FPS, etc..)?

    & 8 MOA can be improved upon easily. Let me know what you get when you take it to 100 yards so I can start the unsolicited advice a-flowing. :P

    ‘Overly complicated internal magazine”? Hmm I wonder which part of “it works” could be cut back to make it more simple? lol

  9. Mugwug says:

    Oh I’ve no doubt the rifle will perform a little better next range trip, I lay the blame for this performance squarely on the shooter.

    I was shooting 150gr American Eagle FMJ on this trip as I only had about 20 rounds of surplus Hiternberger left and wanted some consistency in the ammo for the first couple of range trips.

    Hehe. Whats that saying? If it’s stupid and it works, it’s not stupid? The M1s feeding system isn’t really that complicated, it just appears so compared to some of it’s gas gun bretheren.

    Considering how reliable it has proven itself the comment may have been a bit unfair, but I don’t think the M1 is in any danger of being accused of having a “simple” feed system, eh?