Back to basics….

project frankengarandNow, I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to the Tactical SKS project (both at home and at the range) and now that it’s completed to my satisfaction I have once again turned my attention to a project thats been languishing for almost a year now. My “Frankengarand” project is slated to resume this coming week.

Thats right, my bastardization of a classic rifle is about to begin.

No I am not going to take a piece of history and “bubba” it for my entertainment. The “FrankenGarand” is, in fact, a mutt. Comprised of a Breda (Italian made) receiver, an aftermarket barrel and an assortment of worn parts from Breda, Beretta, Springfield and Winchester. The parts have seen better times, and were originally acquired (for the most part) when I rebuilt my 1942 Springfield M1.

The rifle is slated to be reparkerized, the aftermarket .308 barrel will then be installed, and finally the finished rifle will be dressed up in a Boyds pepper laminate stock. The end result will be, I hope, a fairly modern looking example of an M1.

I will of course strive to document the process from start to finish, in yet another longwinded series of “project updates”.

Stay tuned….


  1. Mike says:

    How do enbloc clips work in .308? Is it an easy fit or do you have to get specialty ones?

  2. Mugwug says:

    No, according to all reports it’s just the barrel that needs to be changed out, the .308 rounds will work in the standard enbloc.

    Of course I’ll be obtaining a SLED for the M1s anyway, but thats not really related specifically to the .308 modification.

  3. Doug in Colorado says:

    If you wanted a mutt, you can buy those direct from CMP, you know. I bought a field gradt M1 and it has a ’43 Springfield receiver, a 44 Winchester Barrel, various small parts from H&R and International Harvester, as well as Springfield and Winchester. The stock was cracked diagonally on both sides of the recever so I sent just the wood back for replacement. (I did buy a Boyds walnut stock, which makes the old mutt look pretty good…we’ll see what CMP sends as a replacement.)

    Doug in Colorado

  4. Mugwug says:

    Hey Doug,

    Unfortunately for us poor Cannucks the CMP is an American program, and they will not ship to Canada (shocking, huh?).

    So I was left with assembling my own mutt. Ah well, alls well that ends well, no?